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Wood has been one of the most important materials on our planet for thousands of years. It is unique. Because it is constantly growing and leads to a positive energy balance. The material conveys warmth and naturalness and brings a lively atmosphere to every application.

furniture production

CNC milling (4 axes)

wooden displays

mould design

special designs

wood - demanded and renewable

Wood is not only beautiful, but also very sustainable: less energy is needed for extraction and processing than for other raw materials. In addition, wood is completely recyclable and does not pollute the environment at the end of the cycle.

Wood is an ideal ecological material and can be used in a versatile way like no other product. It is of high quality and is pleasantly warm and sensual in feel.

In addition to the processing of all common sheet materials (chipboard, MDF, mutliplex, etc.), aproPOS also offers the processing of fine solid woods. With state-of-the-art CNC-controlled machines, your idea is turned into reality. Many years of experience in construction and efficient production enable us to produce cost-effectively and quickly - whether one-off production or series.

Moreover, we can also produce molds for thermoplastic vacuum forming.

"Small or large series, even one
individual special solution for your product, aproPOS draws from years of experience. "

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